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smsd and MySQL server has gone away

From: massimo citterio
Subject: smsd and MySQL server has gone away
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 12:12:08 +0200

sometimes smsd lose messages. 
It's trying to insert sms from phone into db, and if the db is not availabe (I 
still don't know why), it prints:

22 Sep 2006 11:57:59: Inserting sms from +39348XXXXXXX unsuccessful.

158: SELECT FROM outbox command failed.
Error: MySQL server has gone away

If I stop mysql when smsd is running, It happens the same.
If I restart mysql, smsd doesn't reconnect and lose all messages since last 
mysql failure.
I think this is a bug. 
If the db backend doesn't work, smsd should either leave the message in the 
phone or in a queue.
If db is available, it should reconnect, or it should die when db is not 
available, in order for  a daemon supervisor (e.g. monit ) to restart it.

furthermore, the traffic log doesn't print all the sms data, but only the 
sender number and smsd status. It would be useful to have all the relevant sms 
data, such as smsdate, text, ..., to recover from a failure.


Ing. Massimo Citterio
FPE srl (sede Milano)

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