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DKU2 kernel module

From: Petri Airio
Subject: DKU2 kernel module
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 08:30:08 +0300


Again my goal is to find out a way to send messages to S40 FBUS using
self developed C program. If I have understood it correctly one way to
do this is to use DKU2 kernel module. The linux system I use is
Kubuntu dapper. The phone I'm using is Nokia 6136.

I picked up kernel sources from and managed to
compile them. Also the DKU2 kernel module compiled and installed fine
on system running
However, there's no device nodes created in /dev when I do

# modprobe nokia_dku2

Syslog shows that module is loaded, no errors there.

So what I'm missing, what should I do to get /dev/ttyUSB appear ?



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