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Re: smsd problem with AT model - Part II

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: smsd problem with AT model - Part II
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2006 11:53:12 +0200
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Pawel Kot wrote:
> Please see the following patch (hope gmail doesn't mangle it).

long lines were wrapped (in my patch too) and it seems you can't configure 
gmail to not do it
I thought that mail programs did not change tabs to spaces (patch -l to get 
around this), better use attachments next time

>+               sprintf(req, "AT+CPMS=\"%s\"\r", memorynames[mt]);
>                ret = sm_message_send(23, GN_OP_Init, req, state);

we need to change number of bytes to send from 23 to 13 

> -       data->sms_status->new_message_store = GN_MT_ME;

> -                       data->sms_status->new_message_store = i;

struct member new_message_store was used only here so it can 
be deleted from ./include/gnokii/sms.h

typedef struct {
        /* Message store used for new received messages (this is used
         * internally by AT_SetSMSMemoryType() in common/phones/atgen.c). */
        gn_memory_type new_message_store;
} gn_sms_status;


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