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Re: Help getting started.

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: Help getting started.
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 11:21:17 +0200
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Abbas Hussain wrote:

> what I am trying to do is create a windows port of xgnokii.
> Yes I could use the gtk versions etc. but this started out
> more as a demonstrative exercise. 

the main task of xgnokii is moving data between libgnokii structs and GTK 
structs, which wouldn't be of much help if you aren't going to use GTK

if I were you I would implement only the phonebook and short messages parts , 
because netmonitor, the logo designer and the ringtone editor are useful only 
for older phones

in the end it would be a different application, rather than a port

basically xgnoki
* opens libgnokii and lets it identify the phone
* decides what menus to enable depending on the phone
* processes events from libgnokii and GTK

remember that you need to poll the library to get status information (e.g. 
unread SMs, incoming calls) and you can't send a command if the previous one 
has not yet finished (results are undefined) so you can't mix status reads 
and user commands

> I am doing a trial and error on
> working with the non-deprecated versions. :)

the utils/waitcall.c program uses the new functions and it's quite short, 
it's similar to --monitor but only calls gn_call_check_active()


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