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Sony-Eriksson k610i

From: Scott Anderson
Subject: Sony-Eriksson k610i
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 16:48:07 +0100

Dear list,

This is to report that Gnokii can successfully handle the Sony-Eriksson
k610i for file transfers in both directions. Works like a memory card. I
can't find anything else to do with it, since the 'phone itself only has
"File Transfer" or "Video Call" options on it anyway. File transfer will
be enough.

Thanks to those on the irc channel who helped me with udev rules, and
indeed to the developers of this very neat piece of software. 

Finally, my apologies if this was common knowledge: I checked the wiki
but did not find my model of phone, although there were other
Sony-Erikssons on there.

Best wishes,


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