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Re: SMSD long messages problem - "too long" smses actually "NOT too long

From: R.C.
Subject: Re: SMSD long messages problem - "too long" smses actually "NOT too long" - MAX_SMS_PART
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 21:19:26 +0200

I have modified the following statement in gsm-sms.c:

#define MAX_SMS_PART 140


#define MAX_SMS_PART 321

Now the 157 char-long sms in not splitted
but the device returns:

read : [^A0MS ERROR: 304<cr><lf>]

and sending fails.

I have no more ideas on how to avoid splitting messages of 157 chars.

I think that SMSD converts any character from 1byte
form to 2bytes (unicode compliant) form.
Then SMSD sends the unicode compliant message
to the device. This way any message longer than
80 chars would result in more than 1 message.
Maybe SMSD should tell device that message is
unicoded or should recode only special chars.

Hope someone has the answer.

Thank you.

Best regards


From the changelog it seems that unicode
support has been added since 2003.

I've composed a message with an hex editor
using only ASCII codes but the characters
count is the same.

It seems that when they added unicode support
(2bytes per char) the routine that counts
message lenght has not been updated.

Just a guess :-)

I've took a look at the code but I'm not a
C programmer, have just the basics, so
I'm not able to find where the control

Hope someone can help.

Thanks for the support.

Best regards


Kind Ingo,

yes I've already noticed that data line is
actually the original message (in hex format) with
odd bytes to 00.
But, how can I compose the message?
I've used vi untill now.
Which is the right way to compose it?

Than you



The "message text" part never exceedes 157 characters in lenght, but smsd founds it "too long"
and splits it up in more messages.
Smsd reads 312 characters!

If you look at the data, there seems every odd byte 00 - maybe you are
creating a unicode text file and smsd can just handle ascii?

Just a guess.


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