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6610, irda, AT driver, and phone book subentries

From: Ward Vandewege
Subject: 6610, irda, AT driver, and phone book subentries
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 23:15:43 -0500
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Hi there,

Got a new phone today, so I thought I'd give Gnokii a go to get my data off
my old phone (6610) and onto my new phone (E70).

I'm having problems getting all the data off the old phone. I have not
attempted importing on the E70 yet.

When connecting over Irda with the 6510 driver, I see this:

Serial device: opening device /dev/irda0
Default: Nokia 6610     7e88
Getting model...
Message sent: 0x1b / 0x0006
00 01 00 07 01 00                               |                 
Message received: 0x1b / 0x002e
01 31 00 08 00 01 58 28 00 23 56 20 35 2e 35 32 |  1    X( #V 5.52
0a 31 39 2d 30 39 2d 30 33 0a 4e 48 4c 2d 34 0a |  19-09-03 NHL-4 
28 63 29 20 4e 6f 6b 69 61 2e 0a 49 00 00       | (c) Nokia. I    
Received message type 1b
model length: 5
Received model NHL-4
Sorry, this function is known to break your phone (Nokia phones series 40
Refusing to do it. You may try to use AT driver. If you are brave enough to
test the driver anyway, please contact developers at address@hidden
See also
Telephone interface init failed: Command called isn't implemented in model.
Command called isn't implemented in model.
Serial device: closing device

When reading up on that thread, it seems to talk about a (much) older version
of the firmware, for a 6100. Is a 6610 with my firmware version also subject
to this problem?

Anyway - I tried the AT driver, which works fine. It pulled out all my
contacts. Except - no subentries; only one phone number per contact.
Unfortunately I use subentries a lot.

Is there a technical reason why the AT driver can't do subentries? Or has it
just not been implemented (yet)?

Also - as a small aside - the caller group number doesn't seem to be picked
up correctly, again via the AT driver. My one contact in a different caller
group came out as having no caller group (5), just like all the other


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