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Re: SIGSEGV with gnokii CVS on Gentoo 2.6.19

From: Chris Kemp
Subject: Re: SIGSEGV with gnokii CVS on Gentoo 2.6.19
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2007 12:26:22 +0000
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Jari Turkia wrote:
Chris Kemp wrote:
Just btw, I too had a lot of problems last night with 2.6.18, libusb-0.1.12 and cvs gnokii...but didn't manage to resolve it. That said, it doesn't look like the same problem from your bt. I'm off for a week now but I'll look into it further when I'm back.

The nightly builds at seem to build ok. Naturally they are not tested if they execute properly. What kind of problems you had?

My dku2 kernel module doesn't seem to work under so I thought I'd try pkot's libusb stuff, since that is "the right way". With the suse modified libusb I couldn't get the permissions to work (it uses resmgr) so I switched to a tarballed libusb-0.1.12. With that (as root) gnokii --identify works but segfaults at the device close. More complicated commands fail earlier at the second device write, but is due to the device data being corrupted (eg the endpoint is incorrectly zero). Debugging got a bit tricky when I started getting dwarf errors when using backtrace in gdb. Those seemed to be helped by using malloc'ed memory rather than "large" chunks on the stack. That's as far as I got late last night. I'll look properly when I get's a 64bit machine btw.

Regards, Chris

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