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Re: Quirk with on_sms callback

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: Quirk with on_sms callback
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 23:34:55 +0100


On 1/10/07, Jeremy Lainé <address@hidden> wrote:
> +static gn_error AT_GetManufacturer(gn_data *data, struct
> gn_statemachine *state)
> +{
> +    strncpy(data->manufacturer, "Motorola", GN_MANUFACTURER_MAX_LENGTH);
> +    return GN_ERR_NONE;
> +}
> +
> +static gn_error AT_GetModel(gn_data *data, struct gn_statemachine *state)
> +{
> +    strncpy(data->model, "EZX", GN_MODEL_MAX_LENGTH);
> +    return GN_ERR_NONE;
> +}
> The existing way doesn't work?

No, unfortunately not, the baseband processor ("modem") on the EZX
handsets replies neither "OK" nor "ERROR" for the commands it does not
support, it just gives an extended error code. This is why I crippled
the commands querying manufacturer/model, and also why you need to
explicitly set "AT-EZX" as the model, since it is not possible to
determine the driver flavour in the usual fashion.

If I understand correctly it returns some error code for AT+CGMM or AT+CGMI?

I'd also change the way of doing initialization in some nicer way but
I will come up with some idea soon.

> +typedef struct {
> +    int length;
> +    char buffer[512];
> +} atezx_mt_sms;
> Why is that?

I use this structure for storing data about incoming SMS notifications.
The problem here is that you get an unsolicited message of the form:

AT+CMT: <some length>

<hex SMS data>

Unfortunately, other unsolicited messages seem to sometimes come between
the two parts (to be confirmed), so I needed to store data somewhere in
the meantime. Come to think of it, I currently don't do anything with
the message length so this could probably be scrapped.

This brings up another topic I would quite like discussing with you
which is the handling of unsolicited messages. There are a number of
messages which I would like to support, but as they are totally specific
to EZX platforms I want to isolate them in the atezx driver. The problem
is that at the moment this is not possible, unsolicited messages are
handled by atbus.c. Is there any way we could delegate this to the
actual phone drivers to allow customisation?

I need to give it more thinking so I will answer that part later.
Specifically I think we may have it adressed in the other drivers.

BTW. if you'd like to chat online you are welcome to #gnokii at freenode.

> +    void *extra_data;
> And this one I would really like to avoid.

The atgen driver does not provide any way for derived drivers to store
their additional state data, which is why I added this. There are
basically two approaches here:

a/ we explicitly declare every possible bit of additional information
for all drivers derived from atgen as part of the atgen driver instance
data, and whenever a driver needs a new field we have to go back and
change atgen

b/ we provide an opaque data structure which allows drivers to manage
their own data. This is what I chose.

How would you prefer to see this handled?

What I don't like is void*. I'd prefer structure explicitely defined
by each subdriver upaqued by the union in the atgen driver. So that is
something between a and b.
And that would be handled in the similiar way to
nk6100_driver_instance from nk6100 driver.

take care,
PS. It's really good to see someone new doing real development! :)
Pawel Kot

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