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Specifying SMS destination port (feature request)

From: Tergujeff Renne
Subject: Specifying SMS destination port (feature request)
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 12:01:33 +0200


My understanding is that gnokii currently does not support specifying the destination application port when sending SMS. This would be necessary to use gnokii to connect to MIDP PushRegistry. See also a previous question from last April, concerning the same matter. I know that for example SMSLib software allows this, but it only works with AT command set, not FBUS like gnokii. So the question is: would it be possible to implement this feature in gnokii?

As for how to go about implement it -- my C coding "skills" wouldn't probably be of help. Here's some background info, though: I've learned (but stand to be corrected) that FBUS protocol contains the SMS-SUBMIT field, which is described ETSI GSM 03.40 specification. SMS-SUBMIT, in turn, contains TP-User-Data (TP-UD), which has places for "Application Port Addressing", with both 8 and 16 bit addressing.

Best regards,
Renne Tergujeff

From:   Zoltan Kis      
Subject:        sms ports?      
Date:   Tue, 4 Apr 2006 00:55:54 -0700 (PDT)    



I would like to ask how to use SMS ports with gnokii. I am running gnokii on server side, and want to communicate with MIDP Java  applications running on the phones (I need to specify a port number). So far I didn't find how to do it, perhaps with a special UDH?


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