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which gnokii? help

From: mikha
Subject: which gnokii? help
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 22:41:21 -0800 (PST)

I just added extra repositories to my ubuntu6.06 and I found out that in the
synaptic manager there are
gnokii     0.6.12-0ubuntu3
gnokii-smsd       0.6.12-0ubuntu3
gnokii-smsd-mysql      0.6.12-0ubuntu3
gnokii-smsd-pgsql      0.6.12-0ubuntu3

and I have a gnokii 0.6.14 installer at hand..
just wondering which one to use? the ones in the synaptic manager or the one
I have(0.6.14)?
in case i use .14 which  i think is the latest won't there be any bad

oh by the way, regarding my other posts about the 6230 bluetooth config, i
still can't fix it.. i'm doing that on my other desktop.. that one already
has 0.6.14 installed since i haven't added extra repositories to it due to
lack of Internet connection in the place..

both desktops have ubuntu 6.06 in them

hoping for your help, thanks
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