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Re: Nokia 6030

From: rishi pathak
Subject: Re: Nokia 6030
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 10:47:10 +0530

Hi All,
      I am using gnokii-0.6.12 with nokia 6030.Nokia 6030 is not yet supported in gnokii versions but you can add a partioal support for it by modifying a small part of code.
In the gnokii source directory , go to
$GNOKII_SRC/common/phones and edit file named "nk6510.c".
Find the line which contains a list of supported models.It will be something like this.
"6510|6310|8310|6310i|6360|6610|6100|5100|3510|3510i|3595|6800|6810|6820|6820b|6610i|6230|6650|7210|7250|7250i|7600|6170|6020|6030|6230i|5140|5140i|6021|6500|6220|3120b|3100|3120|6015i|6101", /* Supported models */
Add 6030 in that line(between two pipes).
Now go to $GNOKII_SRC/common/misc.c and  and  add the line given below.Add it after the entry for 6020.Note the comma at the last.

Now recompile the code and in conf file give model as 6030 and connection as serial.
Hope thish helps.If you want I could send the modified code for gnokii-0.6.12.

Rishi Pathak

On 1/27/07, Jason Sonnenschein <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi all,

I've seen people mention that the 6030 works with gnokii.  What is the right
configuration to get things running?  I'm trying to use gnokii on OS-X.
0.6.14 compiled fine.  I see the cable in a USB probe, and using a PL-2303
driver, the OS makes /dev/tty.usbserial and /dev/cu.usbserial when the cable is
plugged in.   Using tty.usbserial in the rc file doesn't seem to work,
though... I've used a few of the different connection and model settings.
Nothing is working.  It sends a few test packets, then fails.

Thanks for any help


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