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Re: gnokii exec problem on browser

From: Reinhold Jordan
Subject: Re: gnokii exec problem on browser
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 07:56:08 +0100
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> I have this php file which containns an exec() function for executing gnokii
> commands. When I execute this php file in the command line, the gnokii
> command gets executed. But if I try to execute the php file via the browser,
> the gnokii command doesn't execute. Help please
> Cannot open logfile: Permission denied
> any ideas? thanks

yes. The user is an other. If you try it with the browser, the user
'apache' (or 'www', 'http' or someone similar) try to execute gnokii.
This user have less rights. I prefer to set the setuid bit of gnokii
over changing the apache user

Regards, Reinhold

                          Reinhold Jordan
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