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Phones for GSM 850 Mhz

From: Diego Betancor
Subject: Phones for GSM 850 Mhz
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2007 14:38:53 -0000


I have been using the Nokia 5110 (nk6100 driver) with gnokii succesfully
for many years, basically to make calls and sms.

No I need a phone that works in the 850 Mhz. I read the FAQ and I see that
6230 (nk6510 driver) is listed and I know that the Nokia 5140 should be
similar to 5100 that is listed there.

Is the nk6510 driver as good as the nk6100 in terms of funcionality?

Has anyone tried the 6230 and 5140 with gnokii ? can they make calls?,
receibe sms?...

Any suggestions about which one should I buy?


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