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Request: Working Nokia 6680 config file

From: Michael Janich
Subject: Request: Working Nokia 6680 config file
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 18:17:03 +0800

Hi Guys and gals,

I have Fedora Core 6 and gnokii 0.6.14 and a Nokia 6680 and would like to use them together.
All combinations of model, connection, ports, cable vs. Bluetooth failed (3 days of work on it).
I have two requests:

* Could someone kindly post a working N6680 config file for gnokii
* Could someone please implement auto-recognition, something like "gnokii --scan" that scans "lsusb" and "hcitool scan"; maybe runs the AT command set to check out model and manufacturer and then create a config file.


Here is my config file with the comments you see what I tried:

port = 00:12:62:B3:6F:0C
#rfcomm_channel = 14
#model = symbian
model = AT
connection = bluetooth

#port = /dev/rfcomm3
#model = series60
#model = AT
#model = symbian
#connection = serial

## B1: DKU2 (USB cable)
#port = anything
#connection = dku2libusb
#model = series60

## B2: DKU2 (USB cable)
#port = /dev/ttyUSB0
#connection = dku2
#model = series60

debug = on
Cables: no chance. Bluetooth: works very limited with AT command set.
both connection=bluetooth and port=/dev/rfcomm3 (bind to channel 1) connect to phone.

model=symbian says:
Serial device: opening device 00:12:62:B3:6F:0C
Message sent: 0x01 / 0x0002
00 01                                           |                
Message received: 0x01 / 0x0002
00 01                                           |                
Received message type 01
gnokii: pkt.c:55: buffer_expand: Assertion `buf->size >= buf->offs + len' failed.

I have installed gnapplet 1.0 on my phone, it's in the installed list (application manager),
but cannot find it in the menu to start the program.

kmobiletools show correct battery level and let me dial with it. rest does not work. commandset=AT; device=/dev/rcomm3 (as above bind to channel 1).

THANKS and regards


     Michael Janich, Hong Kong

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