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warning: gnokii still kills nokias.

From: Hans Paijmans
Subject: warning: gnokii still kills nokias.
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 08:56:39 +0100
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there used to be a warning that gnokii could kill some of the nokia
phones, and it indeed refused to connect to such machines.

In the last version that I tried (0.6.14) there was no warning, and
I could connect to my nokia 6220, using a usb cable. However,
after a minute or so, when I was trying to use the agenda-function,
the nokia hiccupped, gnokii hung, and since then the phone keeps
complaining about being restricted, and the code generators that
I found on the net did not resurrect the phone.

So be careful.


Dr. J.J. Paijmans
Tilburg University: Dept. of Linguistics & AI               013-4662693
Rijksdienst voor Archeologie, Cultuurlandchap en Monumenten 033-4227591
Maastricht University: IKAT, Faculty of General Sciences    043-3883477
Thuis: Kleine St.Jansstraat 3, 3811 HV  Amersfoort          033-4722579         GSM: +31 621 961 083

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