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Re: character conversion problem - using gn_send_sms

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: character conversion problem - using gn_send_sms
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 22:54:40 +0200
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Gabor Faludi wrote:

> i have tried to built a a simple sms sending application to see how the API
> works ,and i am struggling to be able to send hungarian (accented
> characters). Instead of these chars i receive ??-s the rest is fine.

if you use gnokii --savesms then can you read back the text correctly 
with --getsms and on the phone?

If gnokii works for you, your problem might be here:

70:   if (!gn_char_def_alphabet(sms.user_data[0].u.text))
71:   sms.dcs.u.general.alphabet = GN_SMS_DCS_UCS2;

because sms.user_data[0].u.text is zeroed until:

77:   strcpy((char*)sms.user_data[0].u.text, text);

after rearranging the code, it works for me


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