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voice dial & call progress information on Nokia 3310

From: Sz. Cs.
Subject: voice dial & call progress information on Nokia 3310
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 00:44:56 +0200

Hello !
I am new to this group. I tried to browse through the previous letters, to find the answer to my question, but I didn't.
I am developing an ARM microcontroller app. with a NOKIA 3310 phone, so I use GNOKII only to get some understanding of the FBUS protocol. And it is great for that!
My problem is the following:
I can make voice call with the "OLD" (e.g 0x40 type) calling method. But no action for the "NEW" (0x01 type) fbus string, except the ACK message from the phone.
With the old type, there is no indication of the "call progress", so I do not know anything about the call in action.
Can it be stated, that the 3310 does not handle the 0x01 type message frames? (I see Gnokii - when tapped - also uses the 0x40 type voice call method, so I could not see any well formed 0x01 type voice call message.)
How can any voice "call progress information" be digged out from a 3310. (Even with a polling ...)
Also, it would be useful for me to show a complete (HEX) string with the new type voice call message, I could not find any. Probably I missed something when assemled the fbus message.
Waiting your answer!

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