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Help gnokii with Nokia 6600

From: mgadio
Subject: Help gnokii with Nokia 6600
Date: Tue, 1 May 2007 10:48:57 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, I am trying to connect to my Nokia 6600 using GNOKII version 0.6.14 .
This is what my .gnokiirc file looks like [global]

  port = 00:60:57:BC:CD:B1
  model = symbian
  initlength = default
  connection = bluetooth
  use_locking = no
  serial_baudrate = 19200
  rfcomm_channel = 1
  smsc_timeout = 10

After running the gnapplet on my phone , the display on the phone is 

gnapplet started
rCOMM: on
RfCOMM: on, Ch#14
timeout: 30 sec/5 sec

Now when i do a gnokii --monitor on my linux machine,
I'm asked to type a pin and then I get this output
gnokiid Version 0.6.14
Connection impossible: Resource temporarily unavailable (or connexion
Impossible to open the device GNBUS: Resource temporarily unavailable (or
connexion refused)
Initialising the telephone interface: failure: (error=Function or connection
type not supported by the telephone).
Function or connection type not supported by the telephone.

==>Here is my hcid.conf configuration file:
options {
        # Automatically initialize new devices
        autoinit yes;
        security user;
        pairing multi;
        pin_helper /usr/bin/
device {
        name "%h-%d";
        class 0x120104;
        #pkt_type DH1,DM1,HV1;
        iscan enable; pscan enable;
        lm accept;
        lp rswitch,hold,sniff,park;

==> /usr/bin/ contains: 
echo -n "PIN:1234"

==> /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf
rfcomm0 {
              bind yes;

        # Bluetooth address of the device
       device 00:60:57:BC:CD:B1;

        # RFCOMM channel for the connection
       channel 1;
       comment "Nokia 6600";

Can someone please help me and let me know where i am going wrong.

Thanks a lot in advance .

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