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Re: sendsms help

From: Roberto Verzola
Subject: Re: sendsms help
Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 00:15:08 +0800
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> No. We don't support any other version than the latest. It is my fault
> that we had not release since long time and we used this 'try the
> latest release' too often.

Would like to carry this discussion further. Hope that's ok. My suggestion was 
not about supporting old versions, but understanding bugs in the software: in 
which part of the code they are hiding in, and what kind of bug are they. 

If the response to the bug report had been: "use because that version 
corrects the bug", then I'd know that the gnokii developers had identified 
the bug and actually corrected it. But if the response is "use, maybe 
it will work for you", then the developers would not have learned anything 
from the bug report.

> This is not always true. In most cases disappeared bugs mean someone
> found them and fixed them.

"Most cases?" You'd know only if you actually checked the bug first... In this 
case, the more appropriate response would have been something like: "yes, we 
know this bug and fixes them; use this version or later". 

> Please stand up and analize the reported bugs for us.

I was initially hesitant to post my suggestion because I half-expected this 
kind of response. And I would have wanted to help, except that I program in 
python and not C. 

Let me say in closing that gnokii is a great piece of software and the 
developers are doing a heroic job. Please take my suggestion in the spirit of 
a constructive proposal to improve the quality of the software further.


Roberto Verzola

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