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Call Status Nokia 1112

From: davidcas
Subject: Call Status Nokia 1112
Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 11:51:03 -0500

I have been developing hardware apps with Gnokii Protocol documents from the last 2 years.
I am currently working in the nokia 1112, it seems to have very little of the gnokii functionality working, but it calls my attention that the voice call frame is working quite well. I can´t get to answer anything about his status though, the phone seems to answer with typical frames to almost
I learnt before that the phones answered when they received a command that is mentioned in the protocols as subscribe channel, i had good results for nokias 3100,3120,3220,3595,3590, 6200. But the 1112 doesnt answer to anything, can you explain me what means this Subscribe channel command?, which are the channels? why is that gnokii "subscribes" with:
1E 00 0C 10 00 0D 00 01 00 10 06 01 02 0A 14 15 17 01 41 00 54 13    command 10 subscribe channel? :s
, what does this means?
Knowing that the phone dont returns any info by himself i tried the call status request, but the answer is unkown to gnokii, and.... it is always the same? why is this i had the same results with the other phones i used, any answer about call status is the same no matter  if the call is established or not.
1E 00 0C 01 00 06 00 01 00 20 01 43 13 65    request for call status

1E 0C 00 01 00 0C 01 00 00 21 00 00 03 04 0C 00 01 42 11 66 phone 1112 answers ALWAYS the same


Thanks for any help that you decide to give me on this subject,


BY THE WAY the hangup frame also works very well, i am posting you the frames that work and dont from what i´ve seen.




monitor --almost, it is not as smooth. but one gets the status like this:

Battery: 85
SIM: Used 0, Free 15616
Phone: Used 132, Free 18
DC: Used 2816, Free -2560
EN: Used 0, Free 15616
FD: Used 0, Free 15616
MC: Used 256, Free 256
ON: Used 0, Free 15616
RC: Used 1024, Free -256
Network: unknown (unknown), LAC: 0000, CellID: 0000

dialvoice -- Works fine, you will get an error with the received frame from the call status request at the end, seems to have new format


hangup -- works fine, it seems to me like the callid is always 0, at least i have hanged 100 calls all where 0


callstatus -- the phone gives an answer but this answer is not very informative since i always received the same frame no matter if

            the call was connected, asnwered or anything







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