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Re: Greek support for SMS: How does it ACTUALLY work?

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: Greek support for SMS: How does it ACTUALLY work?
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 15:55:53 +0200


On 5/15/07, Tirs Abril <address@hidden> wrote:
Hello! After a long time lurking the list :-) I finally have a question to
ask. After several years using Gnokii as part of an email-to-SMS interface,
now I need to send SMS in Greek language. To simplify, let's say that I do it
like this:

cat myfile |gnokii --sendsms 612345789

("myfile" is a text file derived from the e-mail after some processing, and
not the e-mail itself, and of course "612345789" is a sample made-up number).

As a result, the receiving phone 6123456789 gets a message where Greek
characters are all displayed small squares. However, if I send an SMS from a
Greek cellphone, the Greek characters are displayed fine. Even if I send it
from the Greek cellphone to the phone connected to Gnokii, they appear fine
on it, and "gnokii --getsms" reads it correctly. Therefore I believe it is
not a cellphone problem.

I can't say for greek, but it works for me for the Polish charset.
Could you please send some Greek sentences encoded in UTF-8?

I have modified the table at "common/gsm-encoding.c", putting the appropiate
byte values from the GSM 03.38 default character set (i.e. greek Alpha is
0x94, greek Gamma is 0x93, etc), replacing the '?' marks.

No matter which encoding I use for the "myfile" text, I cannot get decent
results. I also tried with the "-8" parameter, to no avail.

Can anyone please tell me:

1) Which encoding should I use for the Greek text to be piped into Gnokii?

The one, your LC_ALL is set to. Probably some gr_GR-UTF8.

2) Which parameter[s] should I use? The only one which appears to do something
here is -8, but up to now it has been useless in all combinations.


3) Any changes to do to Gnokii for the encoding, internal default values (i.e.
"sms_default" function in "common/gsm-sms.c")?

No. default alphabet is used just when all characters from the input
could be found in it. And default alphabet table is taken from the GSM
standard. So changing it you will only break GSM compatiblity. When
the character is not found in default alphabet, it is converted to

take care,
Pawel Kot

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