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Re: Greek support for SMS: How does it ACTUALLY work?

From: Tirs Abril
Subject: Re: Greek support for SMS: How does it ACTUALLY work?
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 21:12:28 +0200
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Hi Pawel! Thanks for your help.

> I can't say for greek, but it works for me for the Polish charset.

Yes, Polish charset probably works, and so do French, Spanish and Italian. I 
am sending messages in these languages without any problem -only Greek fails.

> Could you please send some Greek sentences encoded in UTF-8?

Since I don't think the mailing list will accept attachments, I'm sending a 
small zip file with a couple of UTF-8 texts to the gmail address you use for 
the list. Hope it helps!

>> 1) Which encoding should I use for the Greek text to be piped into Gnokii?

> The one, your LC_ALL is set to. Probably some gr_GR-UTF8.

According to the locale list ("locale -a" command), el_GR.UTF-8; I also tried 
ISO-8859-7 and even the old DOS codepage for Greek (737), but it didn't help. 
I was sending test textfiles encoded with these codepages but it was worse.

>> 2) Which parameter[s] should I use? The only one which appears to do >>
>> something here is -8, but up to now it has been useless in all 
>> combinations. 

> None.

Well, at least THAT is what I was doing! :-)

>> 3) Any changes to do to Gnokii for the encoding, internal default values
>> (i.e. "sms_default" function in "common/gsm-sms.c")?

> No. default alphabet is used just when all characters from the input
> could be found in it. And default alphabet table is taken from the GSM
> standard. So changing it you will only break GSM compatiblity. When
> the character is not found in default alphabet, it is converted to
> unicode.

I was supposing something like that, so finally I didn't mess with the code. 
However, I completed the default alphabet in "common/gsm-encoding.c", 
replacing the question marks in the original table with their equivalents in 
GSM 03.38, of course escaped with "0x". Before doing it, I was getting 
question marks instead of the greek characters. Now I get small squares.

I found this in the Wikipedia, and I was more or less following it in my 

Thanks a lot for giving me a hand!

Tirs Abril i Sanz
e-Business department
Management System Solutions (MSS)
Galileo, 303; Atic
08028 - Barcelona (Spain)
Tel: (+34) 934 196 343
Fax: (+34) 934 196 561
e-Mail: tirs at(@) mss dot(.) es

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