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Re: data cable with USB converter for nokia 6210

From: Jari Turkia
Subject: Re: data cable with USB converter for nokia 6210
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 14:22:22 +0300
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Bishal wrote:
I have nokia 6210 model handset with USB to serial data cable converter.

Will it work with gnokii in freebsd? What will be the configuration for

usb converter?
If you get the FreeBSD to recognize the cable and get a device entry for the port, that should work. Gnokii is not the picky one here, it's mostly the operating systems that do have suitable drivers for the USB-to-serial converter.

If you are in luck and have for example a PL2303 chip, that should work ok.
I googled this up:

See and for further info.

Jari Turkia

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