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java bindings

From: okki
Subject: java bindings
Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 08:18:20 +0200

hi gnokiis,

i've started a jni wrapper for gnokii yesterday (therefor the patch today). it's not too beautiful yet, but i'm working on it.

some technical aspects
- automated jni generation with the eclipse swt generators (modified)
- thin layer, direct access to the well know fields and functions
- implemented the windows bluetooth stack to enumerate devices
- coded in msvc2003 (should compile on gcc and linux, too)

sourcecode can be found at
binaries (windows) at

the binaries consist of the libgnokii.dll and the jgnokii.dll (jni wrapper). sources look like

       gn_statemachine state = new gn_statemachine();
       state.current_state = 0;

       for (int i=0; i<model.length(); i++) {
           state.config.model [i] = (byte) model.charAt (i);
              for (int i=0; i<port_device.length(); i++) {
           state.config.port_device [i] = (byte) port_device.charAt (i);

       state.config.connection_type = 5;
       state.config.serial_baudrate = 19200;
       state.config.smsc_timeout = 10;
       state.config.rfcomm_cn = 1;
              int error = -1;
       error = OS.gn_lib_phone_open(state);
              gn_data data = new gn_data();
       data.sms_status = new gn_sms_status();

       error = OS.gn_sm_functions(OS.GN_OP_GetSMSStatus, data, state);
       System.out.println("messagecount: " + data.sms_status.number);

       data.memory_status = new gn_memory_status();
       data.memory_status.memory_type = OS.GN_MT_SM;
error = OS.gn_sm_functions(OS.GN_OP_GetMemoryStatus, data, state);
       System.out.println("free: " +;
       System.out.println("mem_type: " + data.memory_status.memory_type);
       System.out.println("used: " + data.memory_status.used);

       error = OS.gn_sm_functions(OS.GN_OP_Identify, data, state);
       System.out.println("model: " + new String(data.model).trim());
System.out.println("manufacturer: " + new String(data.manufacturer).trim());
       System.out.println("revision: " + new String(data.revision).trim());
       System.out.println("imei: " + new String(data.imei).trim());

       error = OS.gn_lib_phone_close(state);

thats it :) i'm currently tinkering with skipping the swt generation and create a simplified layer...

and btw: no plans to release the gnokii library under a more "liberal" license like lgpl?

-- okki

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