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Re: gnokii-0.6.16 with Nokia 6233

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: gnokii-0.6.16 with Nokia 6233
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 12:57:07 +0200


On 6/3/07, Martin Schwenke <address@hidden> wrote:
I'm attempting to use gnokii-0.6.16 with a Nokia 6233 via Bluetooth.

Although I notice that the ChangeLog for 0.6.15 says:

    o add support for Nokia 6233                        (Pawel Kot)

when I put:

  model = 6233

Ouch. The change in common/phones/nk6510.c disappeared somehow. Thanks
for noticing. Already commited.

in my ~/.gnokiirc, xgnokii tells me that the model is unsupported and

The other way is to use simple:
model = 6233

General notice on all report below. Please read Docs/Bugs to see how
make a bug report useful.

With xgnokii the SM entries load very slowly - 87 entries take
approximately 10 minutes.  I have no workaround for this...  except to
be patient...  :-)

This is kinda strange and something must have gone wrong.


  gnokii --writephonebook -o < tmp/

(where contains only the SM entries) every 2nd entry fails
to be added:

  Write Succeeded: memory type: SIM card, loc: 10, name: Dave work, number: 
  Write FAILED (The current frame isn't handled by the incoming function.): 
memory type: SIM card, loc: 11, name: Dave home, number: +1234567899

That is correct. Or rather expected. With 0.6.15 announcement I warned
that it is impossible to write back all phonebook entries that can be
read from the phone. This is a known bug and I will work on it with
the next larger amount of free time.

With xgnokii the ME entries all seem to fail with an error like:

  Event 3 failed with return code 24!
  xgnokii_contacts.c: line 2351: Can't write ME memory entry number 1! Error: 24
Hmmm... that may only be if there are no ME items.  I'm pretty sure I
get that error for only some entries if there are actually ME items in
the file!  I can retry if it is important...

Probably that's other error but keep in mind that xgnokii is no longer
actively developed or maintained.

However, with

  gnokii --writephonebook -o < tmp/

many ME entries are added properly but some fail with an error like:

  Write FAILED (Data format is not valid.): memory type: Internal memory, loc: 
21, name: Dave, number: +1234567890

See above.

However, it is always the entries that have a postal address subentry
that fail.  If I change the tag from 9 (postal address) to 10 (note)
then all my ME entries are added nicely in a few seconds.

Yes. Address subentries are these that cause problems. You can rip
them off and everything should go smoothly.

I've tried messing with these subentry types:

        GN_PHONEBOOK_ENTRY_Street          = 0x4c,
        GN_PHONEBOOK_ENTRY_City            = 0x4d,
        GN_PHONEBOOK_ENTRY_StateProvince   = 0x4e,
        GN_PHONEBOOK_ENTRY_ZipCode         = 0x4f,
        GN_PHONEBOOK_ENTRY_Country         = 0x50,

My experiments show that I can add an entry with either a
State/Province subentry or a Zip Code subentry.  If I try to add an
entry with both of these subentries then it fails with a "Data format
is not valid" message.

Any ideas?  I'm happy to try things...  :-)

If you got any working software (eg. Nokia PC Suite) you could sniff
the communication while writing an entry with an address so we could
find out what is the correct frame to write it to the phone.

take care,
Pawel Kot

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