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Re: data cable with USB converter for nokia 6210

From: Bishal
Subject: Re: data cable with USB converter for nokia 6210
Date: 6 Jun 2007 06:28:40 -0000

Hi all,

 I have Nokia 6210 serial data cable with MAX232 chips but it;s not

detected by freebsd 6.1 release. Any help with this cable? Or should I

try some other data cables for Freebsd OS.

On 5/29/2007, "Jari Turkia" <address@hidden> wrote:

>Bishal wrote:

>> I have nokia 6210 model handset with USB to serial data cable converter.


>> Will it work with gnokii in freebsd? What will be the configuration for


>> usb converter?


>If you get the FreeBSD to recognize the cable and get a device entry for

>the port, that should work. Gnokii is not the picky one here, it's

>mostly the operating systems that do have suitable drivers for the

>USB-to-serial converter.


>If you are in luck and have for example a PL2303 chip, that should work ok.

>I googled this up:



>See and

> for further info.



>Jari Turkia




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