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Re: SIM card number?

From: Krzysztof Sniadoch
Subject: Re: SIM card number?
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 00:46:03 +0200
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Daniele Forsi wrote:
> Krzysztof Sniadoch wrote:
> > is it possible to get the SIM card number by the gnokii?
> if by "SIM card number" you mean the phone number (MSISDN), it is not
> stored on the SIM card.
> However there is a space reserved to store some numbers as a reminder to
> the user, but you can write there any number you want because the network
> doesn't use that.
> If you use gnokii 0.6.15 or later, you can read memory type "ON", Own
> Numbers: gnokii --readphonebook ON 0 end
> and write it:
> echo "My number;12344567890;ON;0;0" | gnokii --writephonebook --overwrite
> gnokii requires a name and I need to specify --overwrite only because I
> redirect stdin and I have alreadly stored a number in that location
> Note that the first location is "0", not "1" as for other memory types.
> It doesn't work on all phones supported by gnokii though.
> I tested this on old phones, Nokia 3210, 3310 and 3330, reading it back on
> an Alcatel Easy (some handsets allows you to read and write this number
> form their menus, those Nokias don't, this Alcatel does).

not exactly MSISDN I meant but just found an answer :) However, great thanks 
Daniele for your very interesting notes :)

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