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Re: Reading new SMS on nokia 6230 over bluetooth on Mac OS X

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: Reading new SMS on nokia 6230 over bluetooth on Mac OS X
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 12:18:18 +0200
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Jari Turkia wrote to Martin Ritchie:

> Ever thought making this as a Perl script? Your semi-complex
> shell-scripting would get a lot easier especially on the result
> evaluating and processing phase. That would also make your future
> enhancements easier.

yes evaluating the result would be easier with Perl, but why reinvent the 
functionality of smsd? Wouldn't it be easier to modify smsd to launch the 
Perl script on receipt of an SMS? If the script get to parse a text file it 
doesn't even need to know about gnokii.

For those that don't know Perl but know PHP here is a shameless plug :-)

Months ago I wrote a PHP extension for gnokii, but is not quite ready for 
prime time because it is only able to check is there are new SMS, read them 
and optionally delete them.
The script can be run forever and the phone is open only once, so it is faster 
than calling gnokii multiple times, however some phone hang after being 
continuosly connected for a number of hours (this happens both with smsd and 
with my extension and it's likely to be a firmware issue); in my tests with a 
3210 calling getsmsstatus with 1 second delay it hung after 17 hours but it 
hung after only 11 hours when I increased the delay to 30 seconds (so I added 
the reset function to the extension)

example sms to email gateway:


If I get enough feedback on how it compiles and work I'll put it on 
gnokii-extras CVS


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