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Re: Smsd / gnokii stops working after a while

From: Mihai Tanasescu
Subject: Re: Smsd / gnokii stops working after a while
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2007 17:23:41 +0300
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Daniele Forsi wrote:
Mihai Tanasescu wrote:

I kill smsd, restart it, still nothing happens.

have you tried to not kill smsd and power cycle the phone instead?

what version are you using? In 0.6.14 and 0.6.15 some changes were made in smsd to automatically restart the connection.

gnokii-0.6.18,1     Tools to talk to GSM cellular phones

haven't tried to do that with the phone but I seem to have eliminated the problem (or at least 2 days have passed).

All that I did was to change the:
model = 6310i (which was in fact the phone I have)
connection = fbusdlr3


model = AT
connection = serial
which was more generic but in fact seems to work better than the recommended and more specific values

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