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Phone recommendations.

From: S.Theyagarajan
Subject: Phone recommendations.
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 12:18:03 +0530

HI all,

I have been trying with gnokii and have been unsuccessfull in setting it up ,i would like to ask a few questions in the list .

1) I have a nokia 5200 phone and bluetooth enabled,is this setup supported ? i have been able to send messages through this but unable to read messages that come in to the phone.can anyone be kind enough to tell us the exact config file (gnokiirc) we need to write ?

2) we also have nokia E series phone,and with data cable .is this model setup enabled ? E series is an symbian OS.

Our attempts at reading throught docs and setting up have resulted in messages sent but unable to read messages ,it only " Frames not supported"

Under Graduate
Department Of Computer Science And Engineering
National Institute Of Technology , Trichirapalli
India 620015
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