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R: Installation Abort

From: fabrizio.capobianco
Subject: R: Installation Abort
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 11:42:04 +0200

Thank You for the reply, Jari,

0.6.0 is the only binary (rpm) I've found.

Do you know where (ftp address) can I get 0.6.19 rpm (or deb) binaries?
(0.6.19 is the most recent, isnt'it?)

Thank You again.


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Da: address@hidden per conto di Jari Turkia
Inviato: mer 24/10/2007 10.52
A: Discussion forum for gnokii users.
Oggetto: Re: Installation Abort

Fabrizio Capobianco wrote:
> I am trying to install gnokii on my system (Mandriva One).
> I have downloaded the binary (gnokii-0.6.0-1i386.rpm) and launched it.
Do you think it would be possible to try installing any of the newer
versions? 0.6.0 is ancient!

Jari Turkia

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