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Re: xgnokii 0.6.19 with nokia 6021

From: Maarten Vanraes
Subject: Re: xgnokii 0.6.19 with nokia 6021
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 21:54:38 +0200 (CEST)
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 - I complained that 0.6.14 was working and 0.6.19 wasn't
 - You said i should test out every one in between
 - I tested by going backwards from 19 to 14 ( ./configure && make &&
gnokii/gnokii --identify ) for each one
 - only 14 seemed to work, allthough it looked like it took longer to
build that the others.
 - but right after that, the 15 seemed to work and the 0.6.19 too and the
cvs too
 - later... it didn't work anymore (maybe reboot or maybe i was doing all
this in a subshell and i wasn't in that anymore), so i executed 0.6.14
again and after that the cvs one worked again.
 - later you wanted me to test out the new cvs, which i did and it worked.

i guess for me, the connection problem isn't there anymore.

> Hi,
> On 10/26/07, Maarten Vanraes <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Did you read the part where i retried cvs after 0.6.14 was executed? all
>> the  other versions seemed to work after i compiled and make'd 0.6.14
>> (not
>> installed).
>> anyway i tried cvs and it seemed to work as well as the last time, (i
>> don't know if 14 still is necessary or not though).
> I'm afraid I'm bit lost right now. Could you sum up what's the current
> state?
> take care,
> pkot
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> Pawel Kot
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