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Re: stable connection of nokia 3220 via CA42 cable is possible

From: Burkhard Soehne
Subject: Re: stable connection of nokia 3220 via CA42 cable is possible
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 10:04:02 +0100
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> > Nokia PC Suite does NOT run with my calble and my 3220!
> It's because you have non original cable?

I do not know the reason. I have tried it for many times on many different PCs 
(but indeed with the same clone-cable and the same 3220).

> > Therefore I tried gnokii.
> > With gnokii I could back up all photos and movies!
> You're a bit too optimistic... :(

No, it is true. The backup is ready, now!
But... to be honest...
I had problems on MinGW. Everything seemed to be ok but there were errors in 
the files, no total garbage. Half a photo had been correct and then garbage 
started. But on MinGW I had never seen a problem with my test command "gnokii 
--getdatetime" running in a loop. I broke the loop after 3000 times.

Just the inverse situation on ubuntu: All transferred files seem to be ok. But 
about 20% of "gnokii --getdatetime" produces an error.

The reason may be the different PC hardware. I do not wand to install windows 
on my laptop were gnokii succeeds...


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