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Antwort: Re: message -SM_Block Retry- loop

From: MHufnagel
Subject: Antwort: Re: message -SM_Block Retry- loop
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 15:45:43 +0100


> 0.6.9 or 0.6.19?

> First make gnokii --identify work, then start configuring SMSD.

gnokii --identify works perfect.

But i work a little bit with the options.
If I change the model to AT and the connection to serial it looks better. 
The deamon runns for many hours.

But - if i stop the smsd deamon, restart it again, stop, restart ... than 
i get the same error.... SM_Block Retry. After this I must restart the 
mobile phone.

Mirko Hufnagel

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