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N95 lsusb -vvv

From: Søren Hilmer
Subject: N95 lsusb -vvv
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 17:28:10 +0100
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I am new to this list but can see that on Novemner 24, Pawel Kot requested an 
lsusb -vvv for a connected Nokia N95. I have attached this information as I 
could not see any replies. I connected using PC-Suite mode.

I would like to help doing a sniff on the PC Suite but I have no idea how to 
do this (I also has no Windows machine but can probably borrow one for the 
job), so if you need this send me some info on how.


Søren Hilmer, M.Sc., M.Crypt.
wideTrail                       Phone:  +45 25481225
Pilevænget 41           Email:  sh  at
DK-8961  Allingåbro     Web:

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