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FBUS ambiguity?

From: RH Smith
Subject: FBUS ambiguity?
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 14:13:12 +0000

hey guys just wondered if you could clear the confusion iv been having regarding some of your documentation on the fbus protocol.

so far iv been using an old nokia 5130. It works with Andreas Schmidt's nmon program across a serial cable so i assume its not duff. Referencing the "nokia" and "nk6110" files in the "docs/protocol" folder i have worked i should be using the FBUSv2 protocol for the phone.

I used the example on embedtronics ( and have managed to implement working code that extracts the version details (not to difficult as he gives the exact byte sequence to send). The problem i have encountered comes when i compared the byte sequence i had to send to get version info compared to what i thought i would have to send using the documentation u guys have put together.

the sequence to send to extract the version referenced from ebedtronics is this

1E 00 0C D1 00 07 00 01 00 03 00 01 60 00 72 D5

this is all good up to byte 7, byte 6 is the frame length and the next 5 bytes are the the {block} or payload from what i understand from consulting the "nk6100" file is that the block should be 03 00 ... i see this in the ebedtronics example (byte 10-11) but there is also 00, 01, 00 before... i can not find any description of why these bytes are there but when i modify the frame to exclude them i get no response...

really i want to send msg type 0a and block 0x0070 so as to get the network info but it doesn't work so im hoping you guys could lend me some help as im tearing my hair out haha

my end aim is to be able to query the phone for info on its current cell and strength and also surrounding available cells and their current strengths... if anyone knows a better way of doing this that isnt going to give me the same head acks please let me know

cheers for everyone work on the project hope you all had a great Christmas's and are looking forward to an awesome new year!!!

Richard Smith

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