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Nokia 2610 vs 6133

From: Jon Boede
Subject: Nokia 2610 vs 6133
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 23:01:09 -0500

We want to be able to have our systems in the data center cry "help" when things go wrong.
Gnokii and a cell phone seems like a really good way to do this.  Is this still a true statement?
T-Mobile sells the 2610 and the 6133 as entry-level (read: cheap) Nokia phones. 
The Gnokii Wiki doesn't list these phones explicitly... does anybody know if they've been tried?  Anybody have a preference? 
I'd prefer a cheap cable over BlueTooth -- the 2610 seems like the better bet but the Wiki hints that the 61xx series may have better support.
Thanks much,

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