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wiki error information regarding NOKIA comunicator

From: Bo Olausson
Subject: wiki error information regarding NOKIA comunicator
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 22:16:39 +0100


I stumbeld on gnokii prodject while I was looking for IRDA hit's and
trix... AND youe have an brutal error in the list of problably non
working phones. 
The Nokia 9110/9110i Comunicator is NOT is NOT an symbian unit, it uses
an EPOC/GEOS enviroment and its an posible target for netBSD.

The unit has inbuilt program for acting as an true modem with FAX
capabilties like the rest of the true Nokia Comunicator devices
(9000/i,9110/i,9210/i,9290,9500,9300/i) E90 is only an big, big normal
phone from NoKIA not an PDA like the older versions (acording to me).

Proud owner of an Nokia 9110 and 9500.
Bo Olausson


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