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Re: About CA-42 Connection Issues

From: Daniel Qarras
Subject: Re: About CA-42 Connection Issues
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2008 11:48:51 -0700 (PDT)


> > I saw on gnokii wiki that one feature being worked on is "CA-42
> > connection issues". Luckily, I'm using CA-42 to connect my Nokia
> 6021
> > to my laptop and I'm also having issues with! Any patches to test
> > already or can I help in some other way?
> I also tried gnokii > CA-42 > Nokia 6021. I did have some luck once,
> but a 
> lot of trouble later. Now I'm using a Bluetooth connection instead of
> CA-42 cable and it's working fine.

My experience with CA-42 + Nokia 6021 is following with AT/6021

- after plugging in CA-42+Nokia 6021 the first connection (with, e.g.,
gnokii --identify) takes quite a long time, esp. with 6021 driver
- next connections are fast (much faster with 6021 driver)
- changing driver from AT to 6021 after a connection causes again a
long delay but it works
- changing driver from 6021 to AT after a connection times out, I need
to un/plug the cable in order to use gnokii again

Not sure are these bugs or features and whether the cable or the phone
is causing them but that's how things work here with 0.6.24.


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