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Need information about gnokii

From: AJ™ay Kumar
Subject: Need information about gnokii
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 12:55:31 +0530

I am working on a task to integrate a web based app to an SMS Gateway app.
I came across gnokii..
While I am going through the site and documentations..
I wanted someone experienced to help me answer few questions about its usability.
My intention is:
to have an SMS Gateway, which can enable the application to provide 2 way communication through the SMS Gateway application.

1. Sending an SMS through the application using gnokii.
2. Receiving SMS thorugh gnokii to the application
3. Processing incoming SMS as command and doing the required task like executing a script on the server
4. Responding to the incoming SMS like, fetching a record from the DB and sending it back to the SMS Sender.

Also is it possible to connect multiple phones to the PC and use gnokii to send SMSs using each one of them.. like by setting a priority queue ? Or using all at once in case of bulk SMS ?

I am working on  a non profit project for a Disaster Management application where by we will be using standalone laptops acting as "web server" and having "cell phone" connected to it acting as a "SMS Server"
Purpose being the same as any PC Client connect to the PC Server.
a PC Client connected accessing the web app via wireless network can access information from the web app.
Similarily we want the "Mobile Phones" of other users acting as clients to access the information from the web app using the SMS Gateway which will interact with the web app on the server.

Any help in that direction would be beneficial and of great help!
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