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Virtualization and Gnokii

From: Michael Hutchinson
Subject: Virtualization and Gnokii
Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 12:36:28 +1200

Hello Everyone.
We've been using Gnokii as part of our monitoring suite here at Manux, in order to send us Text alerts when a host alert escalates to that level.
2 servers are setup here with Gnokii - one is a Virtual machine. Both are Debian Sarge (kern 2.4.27).
The Virtual machine has win2k3 server as it's host. Notably we use Supervise to manage whether the service is up or down.
We frequently run into a problem where the Virtualized server will fail to send out Text messages, and this only comes right after using the Kill command to knock out any instances of "smsd", including the "svc -d" and "svc -u" commands to get the service running again. Sometimes text will fail straight away and will need the process to be repeated then it will come right.
Has anyone had this kind of problem before?
I am starting to think there is a virtualization problem with this machine, as the one that is setup on baremetal _never_ fails. The two cellphones are exactly the same, we've even swapped them over to test this. I have strace'd gnokii and smsd to try and pick up on any incompatibilities / crashing code / unmet dependencies etcetera, but nothing seems to show up as having a problem.
Could this be the Host Operating System polling the hardware Serial port we are using, causing a fault with the Virtual Guest ? - how might we test for this?
Thanks for any information.
Michael Hutchinson

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