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Problem connecting to Nokia 2610

From: David T Linker
Subject: Problem connecting to Nokia 2610
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 19:31:17 -0700 (PDT)

I am trying to connect to a Nokia 2610, and have not had success.

I am using a CA-45 cable, which uses the PL2303, ID 067b 2303, which appears to 
be supported.

I am doing this on Ubunto Hardy Heron.

I have
port = /dev/ttyUSB0
model = AT
connection = serial

With the phone on and connected, I try gnokii --identify, and it times out. 
When I set debug = on I get the output at the end of this email.

I looked in the documentation, and I am uncertain as to what to try now.

Any suggestions?


David Linker

GNOKII Version 0.6.22
LOG: debug mask is 0x1
Config read from file /home/dtlinker/.gnokiirc.
Lockfile /var/lock/LCK..ttyUSB0 is stale. Overriding it..
phone instance config:
model = AT
port = /dev/ttyUSB0
connection = serial
initlength = default
serial_baudrate = 19200
serial_write_usleep = -1
handshake = software
require_dcd = 0
smsc_timeout = 10
rfcomm_channel = 1
sm_retry = 0
Initializing AT capable mobile phone ...
Serial device: opening device /dev/ttyUSB0
Serial device: setting RTS to high and DTR to high
Message sent: 0x00 / 0x0004
41 54 5a 0d | ATZ write: [ATZ<cr>]
Message sent: 0x00 / 0x0005
41 54 45 31 0d | ATE1 write: [ATE1<cr>]
Message sent: 0x00 / 0x000a
41 54 2b 43 4d 45 45 3d 31 0d | AT+CMEE=1 write: [AT+CMEE=1<cr>]
Message sent: 0x06 / 0x0008
41 54 2b 43 47 4d 4d 0d | AT+CGMM write: [AT+CGMM<cr>]
Message sent: 0x06 / 0x0007
41 54 2b 47 4d 4d 0d | AT+GMM write: [AT+GMM<cr>]
Initialization failed (11)
Serial device: closing device
Telephone interface init failed: Command timed out.
Command timed out.

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