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Re: Gnokii on Windows - issues

From: mailing
Subject: Re: Gnokii on Windows - issues
Date: Sun, 25 May 2008 11:32:29 +0000

Hello Jari!

At 10:57 25/05/2008, you wrote:
address@hidden wrote:
I have some issues with Gnokii on Windows: can anyone help?...

I've volunteered to maintain the Windows version of Gnokii.

Thanks a lot for your email and support!

* I'm currently using version 0.6.13 and can't find new win32 versions: where 
are the new releases?

Look at regular Gnokii download locations. There is a directory with name "binaries" and 
the subdirectory "win32". Official location is

Ah, ok! I looked at this folder instead (^^;)

* When using argument "--smsc SMSCENTERNUMBER" I get this error: "Gnokii.exe is not a valid 
Win32 executable", does anyone know how to fix this? Is the "--smsc" argument supported from 
the 0.6.13 version? Is there a gnokiirc config option to change the SMS Center number?..

My initial fix would be to pick up the latest Gnokii and try that.

I tried it: it seems to work now, but the Gnokii.exe is very capricious regarding the 
config file "gnokiirc", as it checks various locations...

* Does anyone have a compiled version of Gnokii for cygwin?..

Not that I know of. I've tried that a couple of years ago, but there seems to 
be some issues on Cygwin. Configure-script assumed linuxish environment, but it 
simply did not work. Both Cygwin and Gnokii have evolved, so maybe I'll try 
that again someday.

Ok no problem, as long as there is a Win32 EXE, it's fine!

I'll keep you updated on the --smsc issue, and if I can get the v0.6.25 to work!


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