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Re: Gnokii on Windows - issues

From: mailing
Subject: Re: Gnokii on Windows - issues
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 09:49:05 +0000

At 09:04 27/05/2008, you wrote:
address@hidden wrote:
Thanks! Be sure to update the files on this location too:

Negative to that, sir. Nightly builds are nightly builds. When 0.6.26 comes out 
we will archive that there.

Ok~ my point was only: do not create multiple locations~.

Ah, I had the same error, "You need to define 'connection' in the config file", although 
there was such line. After some time: I found out! It was because there was no CR after that last 
"connection" line, so when I

I really have no idea what you're talking about. Luckily Pawel did. :-)

I just meant that config file needed a blank line at the end of file (EOF).

Sample config is a sample config. It is supposed to give you ideas what to put 
in there. We can baby-sit only so far.

No problem~, thank you for the support, and I'm glad you found out a bug (^^).


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