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Get complete, recursive file list?

From: Mariano Draghi
Subject: Get complete, recursive file list?
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 14:13:47 -0300


Is it possible to get the full, complete list of files of the memory
card and/or external memory of the phone?

Something along the lines of:

Some links [1] I found with google do mention the command
    gnokii --listallfiles 'A:\*'
but it seems that command no longer exist, and I'm not sure if it did
wat I suppose it did.

I trying to use gnokii from a Python script to build a visual
representation of the filesystem in a tree. I can, of course, use the
--getfilelist switch, but that's not recursive, and apart from that,
there's no easy/obvious way to distinguish a directory from a regular

So far, my idea is to use --getfielist at the root level, and for
every entry listed, say, "foo" try to --getfilelist for "foo/*". If I
get an invalid path error then it's not a directory, and so on. But it
sounds WAY too complicated / expensive / error-prone.

Can someone give me a better idea? Is there any undocumented flag /
swtich to get what I whant?

Thank's in advance for any help / tips!

Best regards,

[1] -

Mariano / el cHagHi [ ]
PyAr - Python Argentina [ ]

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