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about iconv_open

From: yueyue papa
Subject: about iconv_open
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 15:30:01 +0800

Hi All,

I tried use win_iconv in windows platform. I am not familer the
different from win version and linux iconv version.

In windows platfrom, I always meet iconv_open failure.

        cd = iconv_open("WCHAR_T", gn_char_get_encoding());
        nconv = iconv(cd, &pin, &inlen, &pout, &outlen);

In the project the iconv_open return value is not checked, it always
meet windows platform failure. I suggest to check return valure.

current parameters set for windows iconv is not working, I am not
clear about it. And still in struggling with the encoding and


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