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Gnokii on Ubuntu 8.04 (Nokia 6234, bluetooth)

From: Guido Milanese
Subject: Gnokii on Ubuntu 8.04 (Nokia 6234, bluetooth)
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 12:03:45 +0200

In the past I asked several questions on the use of gnokii and I am a
very grateful user.
I have recently upgraded my Linux Ubuntu system to 8.04 and I hope
that a report might be useful.
I installed the version provided by the Ubuntu repositories.

(1) the command line works like a charm. Configuration I am using:
model = 6230
port = 00:1F:5D:FA:67:8B # phone BT mac address
connection = bluetooth

(2) I am a command line user, so it's all right for me. Anyway, I also
gave a look at xgnokii, but there are some problems. Trying to read a
calendar hangs the program or terminates it:

(xgnokii:8359): Gtk-WARNING **: horizontal scrolling not implemented
(xgnokii:8359): Gtk-WARNING **: horizontal scrolling not implemented
Segmentation fault

This happens as I try to read a calendar either from the telephone or
from a backup on the PC.
Version: 0.6.22.dfsg-3

The other GUI (gnocky) does seem to be available. The ftp page is
empty (at least at the moment).

As I repeat, I am a "command-liner" so no problem for me, just
submitting this info if this can be useful for others.

Best regards,
Guido Milanese, from Italy


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