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Nokia Series40 3rd Edition and later SMS support

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Nokia Series40 3rd Edition and later SMS support
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2008 00:58:51 +0200


I have attempted to write SMS reading support for Nokia Series40 3rd
Edition and later once again.
This time I started from analyzing Nokia PC Suite communication which
apparrently uses obex protocol for retrieval. I was able to generate
same obex messages but they failed for me. After few days of non
working ideas I decided to analyze Oxygen Manager software and compare
it with what I got from PC Suite. And it turned out to be pure FBUS
communication but based on file commands (which are used by
--getfilelist or --getfile).

And there it is. That's quite rough version and will need source code
cleanup. But it's ready for testing. All my tests on Nokia 5300 went
smoothly. Tested commands are:
smsd and xgnokii are not tested at all. We certainly can get more
functionality out of this, but for now that should be enough. There
are several limitations right now within the implementation:
 - just ascii sms are supported
 - not all fields can be seen
 - we have limit up to 20 user folders
 - we cannot read delivery reports
 - [I might forget something]

So: please do testing. Please report any problems (along with config,
debug log and other details), hopefully they could be resolved
quickly. For now you can get sources from CVS. Binary packages for FC
and openSUSE will be prepared tomorrow at: If there will be a need,
I'll prepare a tarball with the current sources (so no need for all
autotools bloat).

Many, many thanks to Daniele Forsi who provided PC Suite/Oxygen
communication logs and provided me with the remote access to Nokia
5300. And really, remote development is fun. I was just missing webcam
pointing at the phone screen :)

take care,
Pawel Kot

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