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SMS integration for an Appln

From: Shanmuga_Svr
Subject: SMS integration for an Appln
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 13:55:34 +0530

     I have been looking for a software which can give us integration of both Network management and incident reporting round the clock.

I happen to find an open source called as "NAGIOS" which operates on unix flavour(RHEL4,fedora, Solaris, etc..).

The main objective of this software is Infrastructure management system which include both servers and network devices. The software also has the ability to send SMS and email based on a few defined parameters.

In the documentation of this software it is mentioned that to integrate SMS we need to use Gnokkii and SMS_client(client) for SMS Notification.

I tried with Nokia N70 model, but i am unable to configure the device to send SMS.

Please suggest which model of Nokia is needed and how to integrate it with any of the SMS client software available(SMS_Client, yaps, etc..)

All the required configuration needed for the Network management system are complete, except the notification part.

If anybody has an input please let me know how to proceed ahead.


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